5-Panel Lab Based Drug Test: Analyzes the sample for the presence of 5 distinct substances or drug metabolites in a single test. Tests for AMP, THC, COC, OPI, and PCP. MRO and lab confirmation are included. Understanding lab-based drug testing vs. instant drug screening is important. Investigating the possible benefits, faults, and outcomes of drug screening alternatives, you should know about ARCpoint Labs of Sugar Lands’s 5 panel drug test

Even the most seasoned employer, lawyer, law enforcement officer, or civilian can be overwhelmed and intimidated by the process and technicalities of drug screening. Drug testing is used for a variety of purposes, including aiding a loved one in recovery, complying with a court-ordered obligation, and ensuring workplace safety.

Regardless of the reason, understanding the nuances and repercussions of various testing methodologies, as well as their benefits and drawbacks, can be critical in selecting the best test for the circumstance. One of the most crucial considerations to make when performing any drug screening is whether to use a lab-based screening or an immediate drug screening test.

Accuracy is a benefit of lab-based testing

Regardless of the examined specimen, lab-based screening produces far more trustworthy results than the rapid drug screening alternative. The lab’s sophisticated gear produces solid results that will stand up in any court of law. In addition, next-level lab confirmations and MRO checks are performed to assure the veracity of the data.

Federal, state, and court approval

The government entities acknowledge only lab-based testing as a form of drug screening. In addition, the only approach recognised in a court of law is lab-based drug screening. Know about ARCpoint Labs of Sugar Lands’s 5 panel drug test

More Testing Options

With the large range of specimen possibilities available for lab-based testing, it comes to reason that there are considerably more alternatives for specifying what compounds, thresholds, or periods you are screening for.

Greater Sensitivity

Lab-based testing can potentially discover hundreds of compounds, unlawful or not, with accurate and professional screening administration. Aside from being able to identify a vast variety of drugs, lab-based drug testing can detect chemicals that would otherwise be missed by a quick drug screening.