Business cards happen to be a pretty important part when it comes to how we conduct business, network and generally introduce ourselves. They are a centuries-old tradition, and they are still important and needed, hence why they have never gone out of style yet. Yes, LinkedIn exists, but business cards are still needed and are an integral asset for anyone that enters the workforce. Traditionally speaking, business cards have always been made of paper and are still printed on paper primarily. However, there is a slow change in trends, and people are now beginning to use metal as their preferred medium for their business cards. If you are skeptical, you can check out the offerings at Black Metal Kards for inspiration.

Metal is gaining popularity for a variety of reasons but the two most evident ones include:

  • They are incredibly durable compared to paper. Paper easily gets crumbled and damaged when subjected to wear and tear. Plus, the ink can bleed if accidentally exposed to water. So, the average life of a paper business card is pretty short, and this makes them easily disposable. So, people have to keep getting them re-printed more. Metal happens to be incredibly durable and is not damaged by mishandling, and the clarity of the text is not affected by the elements since it is embossed or engraved into the metal.
  • Metal business cards, due to their durability, also happen to be more eco-friendly compared to paper business cards. Metal business cards can be produced from recycled metal, so you do not have to worry about wasting precious resources and creating more waste. This way metal business cards are seen as an eco-friendly alternative that can make for a better impact in terms of the amount of waste that goes into paper business cards.