Reasons why you should always repair your car windshield

Reasons why you should always repair your car windshield

Let’s now look at the answers to the question “What are the advantages of repairing the windshield?”. Because there are so many and all very important. Each person can put them in the order they prefer, beyond our ranking windshield repair st. charles mo

1 – Because safety comes first

Traveling with a damaged windshield is very dangerous. Due to holes, vibrations or sudden changes in temperature, a chip can turn into a crack and a crack can spread in several directions, completely destroying the crystal, not least limiting visibility. When we become aware of damage, we immediately contact a specialist in crystal repair.

2 – Why don’t we get stuck

Finding ourselves with a broken windshield forces us to pull over and stop the vehicle. It is absolutely not recommended, in fact, to travel with a damaged crystal, as well as being prohibited by the Highway Code.

3- Because there is already someone who puts himself and others in danger …

The statistics of companies specialized in repairing and replacing car windows speak of about 1 Italian in 3 (36% to be precise) who does not intervene even if he notices that his windshield is damaged. If you add those who do not have a regular check-up to the windows, unfortunately many vehicles that are not up to standard and potentially dangerous travel on the road, both for those who drive them, for passengers and for all those who cross them.

4 – Because we have no thoughts

A healthy windshield precisely avoids thoughts and risks, as well as saving in several directions, as we will see in the following points.

5 – Because we save time

The “clock” factor is also one of the benefits of windshield repair. In fact, the replacement of the front glass requires an intervention of about 2 hours. While the repair of a chip fluctuates around 30 minutes.

6 – Because we save money

Time is money, but even the wallet if directly involved has its importance. Windshield repair, depending on vehicle model, costs 5 to 10 times less than replacement. Let alone insult after the damage, in the event that our windshield had a simple chip which, without intervention, turned into a crack that was no longer repairable.