Furniture assembly

To save something, without sacrificing quality, you can buy the furniture or some furnishing accessories without the transport and assembly service .

Perfect, if you are able to mount them. But how do you do it when you don’t have this skill and you are really denied doing it yourself? The answer is very simple: you can turn to the handyman , who not only knows wardrobes, beds and drawers of many models, but has the right manual skills and, last but not least, the right tools to be able to take care of the assembly . Maybe with the help of his assistant, if it comes to moving heavy weights handyman packages in Dover, DE.

Clogged sink

There are small household chores that not everyone is capable of doing on their own. In the kitchen and bathroom, for example, it can happen that the sink becomes clogged or that the water drain slows down more and more, until it almost stops. This is an intervention for which you can call the plumber, who applies the rates as a plumber, or you can turn to the handyman . He too manages to take care of a clogged sink and on this occasion he can also be asked to check the other drains , before having to call him back after a few days for the same problem, but to another sanitary.

Tent assembly

Among the elements that add value to a home environment there are certainly curtains and draperies . Not only are they very useful for privacy, avoiding prying eyes to look at what happens inside the home, especially in the evening, when the light is on, but they also have a decorative function. And every now and then they need to be disassembled, washed and ironed. And to reassemble them ? You can easily call it the handyman who is able to work safely even at a decent height, with elements of a certain weight to handle. In addition to being familiar with curtain rods, guides and rails.

Small electrical work

Small electrician jobs can be safely entrusted to the handyman who has the right tools to work safely and the appropriate skills to be able to understand how to operate in case he needs to install a chandelier , repair a wall light or replace a wall lamp.